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Three crosses on Brighton seafront near the old pier, with Roman Soldiers standing beneath looking out to sea.Our comprehensive guide has all you need to know about putting on a new play and covers all aspects of rehearsal and production.

Getting Started

 A man carries a beam of wooden as part of a Passion Play set in a town centre, with a modern building in the background.Advice for starting a new play, from taking small steps to expanding into a large production.


A sign in central Manchester advertisers the Manchester Passion, with a colourful cross in a painted style on a black background.Information and advice on marketing and PR.


A woman with dark hair wearing a shawl in middle eastern style holds a book and smiles, with a crowd behind her.Q and A regarding how to cast for a successful Passion Play from videos filmed at a recent Passion Trust Conference.

Crucifixion & Special Effects

A man depicting Jesus is hoisted on a cross by roman soldiers, with trees in the background.Find outabout staging a crucifixion scene including techniques and practical effects.

PR & Media

A stack of newspapers, featuring media and PR for Communications resources.Explore how a communications strategy can get more coverage for your Passion Play.


A typed page with words from a Passion Play script on it for Script resources.Find out more about scripts used to perform Passion Plays.

Script Writing

A group of actors in colourful middle eastern outfits walk through a town centre, with historic buildings behind. For technical crew and equipment resources.Learn where to start, how to progress and see what other people have created. The best scripts come from your understanding and passion for what you are reading, and this will come through in your play.

Technical Crew and Equipment

A young girl is interviewed, looking towards a camera and microphone, with a crowd of people milling about behind.Q and A regarding manage the technical elements for a successful Passion Play including practical and legal issues.

Learn from Others

An aerial view of a crowd standing near an historic building, following a Passion Play, with a van and blue- white awning nearby.Helpful advice from people who have been putting on Passion Plays for years!


A person wearing a brown top holds the Bible open to read it.Visit our online shop where you can purchase products from books, DVDs and more.


Passion Plays are undergoing a resurgence in the UK. As such we actively work against any notion of anti-semitism people might bring to these plays, whether acting in them or watching them. Learn more here.


A piggy bank turned on its side, with money coins scattered nearby it on a mottled surface.Grants of up to £5,000 are available to Passion Plays in the UK. If you are planning a new Passion Play or require funding to re-start a previous play, we would love to help you! 


A group of actors wearing black rehearse a scene from a passion play with a red velvet curtain in the background. Resources for rehearsals.Find links and connections regarding running rehearsals for UK Passion Plays.

Watch Passion Plays

A man depicting Jesus on the cross stands outside an historic cathedral building, with roman soldiers standing and looking up towards him.Watch previous Passion Plays in their entirety. This section will have new Passion Plays added regularly.


Two crosses with people tied to them, set against a sky on a shingle beach, with other people wearing middle eastern dress standing nearby.View transcripts and video highlights from previous Passion Trust Conferences here.


A group of children wearing yellow and blue outfits carry baskets, holding them out to a crowd of people.Top Tips, multiple fundraising documents, links to potential funders and much, much more.

What Next?

A group of actors playing Jesus and the disciples walk under an historic arch, with a donkey. Onlookers watch.Keeping the enthusiasm, relationships and expertise going.


People sit in a classroom at several tables, with papers and refreshments in front of them.Education inspiration: from school competitions to workshops to school dramas.


A group of actors in middle eastern dress watch as a man carries a heavy wooden cross, in front of historic buildings.Learn the basics on how to recruit and best-welcome volunteers into the running of a Passion Play, with handy video highlights.

Policy Documents

Jesus in a white robe stands with the whole cast and crew of Brighton Passion Play after the free performance on Good Friday.Read and download Safeguarding policy documents, along with appendices relevant to your Passion Play.

Roman Soldiers

A group of men dress as army officers, wearing camouflage and red caps accompany a man depicting Jesus carrying a wooden cross, with grass in the background.Learn more about how to use Roman Soldiers in your Passion Play, with videos from the Colchester Roman Society.


Five male actors in middle eastern costume stand in a group and look to camera.Choirs and background music – all the help and links are here for your Passion Play.


A young woman holding a microphone in the middle of a large crowd.Using music in your Passion Play: how to find pieces for key moments and how to create atmosphere and Characeterisation.

Event Management

Find links and connections regarding event management for UK Passion Plays.


A selection of colourful rolls of fabric.

The Passion Trust can arrange to help with costumes and dresswear for traditional or contemporary Passion Plays!

Disability Inclusion

An image of a blue disabled logo painted on tarmac on a parking space. For disability resources.This section is still under development, but more content is on its way! Watch this space.


A dense crowd hold the arms up holding cameras, trying to capture images of a passion play.This section is still under development, but more content is on its way! Watch this space.

Free Resources

A dense crowd with people standing and waving union jack flags and cheering.Find links and connections to other free resources out there to help Passion Plays and productions in the UK.