Free Webpage

The Passion Trust will freely advertise your event and website on our site. If you are involved in a Passion Play that isn’t featured on our website, please let us know! We’d love to create a dedicated page and add you to the calendar. The cost is paid for by the Passion Trust. Please email us with details of your event and we will create a page for you.

PR Advice

Download a guide to effective and creative PR and Marketing for your Passion Play.

Marketing Documents to Download

Below are a selection of free document resources to help market your Passion Play.

Q&A - PR and Marketing a successful Passion Play

Below are a selection of clips showing a Q and A session at the Passion Trust Conference 2014 discussing PR and Marketing a successful Passion Play.

How do you measure the impact of Passion Plays?

What are Passion Play Roadshows?

Do Passion Play roadshows work?

What marketing strategies are successful?

Marketing Workshop with Suzanne Lofthus