Here you can access a wide variety of scripts and script excerpts to enable and inspire you for your own Passion Play script writing.

Glasgow Passion 2015

In 2010, we commissioned playwright Rob Drummond to write a modern Passion play, specifically looking at how it might look if Jesus was around then. We wanted to look at trial by media and politics and Rob based his play some years in the future, so as not to attach it to any specific political party or event. The play was performed in George Square, Glasgow using film and big screens. A great play to bring a modern slant on the story.

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Great Waltham Passion ‘The Passion of Christ’ 2017

The Passion of Christ (2017) was first performed over three evenings during Holy Week 2017 at various locations in the village, with the crucifixion being enacted on a high ridge alongside the Essex Way footpath just outside the village. The final scene, the women coming to the empty tomb, was enacted in church on Sunday morning before the Easter Eucharist.

Bolton Passion 2016

A Passion Play performed in 2016 at the Town Hall for an outdoor audience with people from all faiths watching it. It stages the betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Brighton Passion 2012

The Passion of Christ is a moving portrayal, faithful to the original scripture, of the days leading up to Jesus’ arrest, death and resurrection. Written by James Burke-Dunsmore, who has played the role of Jesus in Brighton’s Passion of Christ production and on stage and screen nationally and internationally for over 14 years. This production highlights Jesus’ role as a teacher and show the remarkable methods he used to guide his unlikely students in preparation for their ultimate commission to bring the world into the light.

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Manchester Passion 2017

The Manchester Passion was performed in the Cathedral gardens to over 3,000 people and filmed by the BBC for Songs of Praise on Easter Sunday. The play was directed by Geoff Millard in the tradition of the Medieval York Mystery Plays in a contemporary way making it relevant today.

Southampton, ‘A Passion Re-Told’ 2016

A dramatic retelling of the Christian Easter story. Using music and dialogue we move from the entry to Jerusalem through to the crucifixion and ending with the resurrection and great commission. A simple stage is set – minimal with items that will be used by cast members to create scenes. Live musicians will be part of the stage set and some of the cast will also play instruments to start songs.

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Southampton Passion 2010

The Southampton Passion took place in Guildhall Square, at the heart of the Cultural Quarter of Southampton, against the backdrop of the Southampton Guildhall. More than 70 actors and a 100-strong choir performed in the play, written and organised by Neil Maddock who has also been cast in the leading role of 33-year-old Jesus.

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Hornchurch Passion 2015

A Passion Play written by Kevin Walsh and Rev. Hugh Dibbens. As people gather on the green there will be soldiers excluding them from the acting areas and the market will be trading. Groups coming from different locations will be moving along the streets to converge at the green for the performance.

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North Lancashire Passion 2019

This is a witty, thought-provoking, moving and accessible version of The Passion. It can be played by large and small casts. Music suggestions available on request. Please also see

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