The Passion Trust Conference brings together key people who perform, produce and support passion plays around the country. It is an excellent way to network and connect with others. As well as promoting community between the various productions,  the Passion Trust invites distinguished speakers including directors, producers, academics, actors, writers, fundraisers and sponsors to inspire and equip passion plays in the UK. The conference includes advice and tips for reaching a wide audience, successful fundraising and marketing, and effective community involvement.

How do you delegate? What's the reporting structure (trustees/steering group)?

As filmed at the Passion Conference 2019

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How would you get a publicity review for a first performance ever of a play and script?

As filmed at the Passion Conference 2019

Experiencing a Passion Play

As filmed at the Passion Conference 2016

At what stage of rehearsals do you bring the stewards in?

As filmed at the Passion Conference 2019

How do we not upset our Jewish friends?

As filmed at the Passion Conference 2019

Do you ticket a Passion Play event?

As filmed at the Passion Conference 2019

Passion Trust Conference 2014 - Q&A Sesssion

Helen Longley: Tonbridge Passion Play

Helen was inspired by the Passion Trust Conference in 2012 and spoke about the development of the Tonbridge Passion Play since then. Working with volunteers from the community and using council land, the 2013 Tonbridge Passion Play was performed over the Easter weekend to a crowd of over 2,000 people in the grounds of Tonbridge Castle and in bitterly cold weather.

Jon Bebb: ‘Soul by the Sea’, Brighton

Jon has been involved with Brighton’s ‘Soul by the Sea’ event and Passion Play for the past few years and spoke about managing a successful and growing production.

Sharon Muiruri: Poole Passion Play

Sharon Muiri is the artistic director of Poole Passion and an Associate Lecturer at Winchester University in Applied Drama and Theatre in Education (TIE). Her freelance practice involves the use of Applied Drama with disaffected young people and adults in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. She was a founder of Vita Nova. She is also co-director of State of Play, a reincarnation of Bournemouth Theatre in Education Team and an accomplished freelance director & facilitator.