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Getting Started

Putting on a Passion Play in your local community is not as difficult as you might think! Download our comprehensive guide that has all you need to know about putting on a new play. It covers all aspects of rehearsal and production and appendices also include documents that have been used successfully in past productions.  


Click here to download the complete guide


Questions answered in the complete guide:

Why do a Passion Play?

Now I’ve got a Committee, what next?

How do I raise funds?

What about the land and setting?

How do I sell tickets?

How do I publicise the production?

How do I get a cast?

What do I do at rehearsals?

What about children in the cast?

What about a set?

What props will I need?

What costumes will I need?

What makeup will I need?

Do I need animals?

What about Sound?

What about Safety?

So what actually happens on the day?


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