The Passion Trust

 The Passion Trust is a registered charity supporting performances of Passion Plays around the UK. Passion Plays dramatize the Easter story, bringing the true meaning of Easter to life in free, community performances. They are an important part of Easter celebrations for many people and they are free for all to get involved or to watch in their local community.

“For every town and city across the UK”


Community theatre is a unique form of theatre, and Easter performances of Passion plays exemplify its value and relevance. The focus is on the process of rehearsing as much as the final product of performance. Large amateur casts receive training and mentorship during rehearsals and the rehearsal process involves marginalised or disadvantaged members of the local community.


Passion Plays help address the lack of biblical literacy in the UK and bring to life the heritage that is often forgotten. According to a study undertaken by YouGov in 2014, 43% of children who took part indicated that they have never seen, read or heard the story of the Crucifixion. Over 60% of children indicated they had not read, seen or heard the Feeding of the 5,000 (61%) or the Good Samaritan (61%).


Passion Plays are great ways to connect with new audiences and people from your local community. Professional theatre companies are often involved and help build relationships with people of faith. For all involved, it is a unique and rewarding experience to work with large casts, outdoor city spaces and a host of local volunteers.


Passion Plays provide an opportunity for increased positive dialogue between different faiths in the community. They have a wonderful ability to promote dialogue and inspire new relationships between people of different faiths or none. The plays are a fascinating place for exploration, dialogue and mutual understanding.


Passion Plays present the Christian faith in fresh ways relevant to local communities around the UK. They also give people a chance to get involved in re-telling the story or to see it performed at no cost. They also help churches fulfil their mission to reach out to marginalised, isolated or vulnerable people in the community.


The Passion Trust runs training events & conferences that bring together people who are involved in Passion Plays in all capacities: actors, directors, producers, photographers, journalists, fundraisers, volunteers, script-writers, PR experts & event organisers. These events are the only time in the year to hear from the experts & connect with others.

More about the Passion Trust

The Passion Trust was established in 2010 to support performances of Passion Plays in the United Kingdom.  Drawing together people of all faiths and none to engage with the Easter story, the charity’s artistic activities focus on productions and performances of passion plays including community events, major city-wide productions and tours around the UK.

The Passion Trust has been supported over 20 new plays in the last 4 years, bringing the Gospel to life for audiences of thousands. Our trustees have been directors, actors and produces in Passion Plays in Brighton (2010-11), Trafalgar Square (2015-2018), Manchester (2017), Edinburgh (2015-2018) and around the world (Louisiana, Milan, Brazil, Cape Town, and Perth, WA).

Cutting Edge

"Cutting Edge has really benefited from partnering with the passion play in Edinburgh. It's great to work with local communities and to have a shared experience. We've met some wonderful people whilst passing on skills....and found a whole new audience for our own productions! We'd recommend any professional Directors and Companies to get involved."

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

Attracting an audience of thousands, of all faiths and no organised faith, Trafalger Square's Passion of Jesus provides a unique insight into Holy Week and demonstrates that London is open to people of all religions and backgrounds.


The Conference was a huge support to me personally. Just to know that there were others in the same boat and often also looking for a paddle…Since the conference it has all turned around. We have support coming in and people are coming forward and getting involved.

Great Waltham

Please convey our thanks to the Trustees for their support…It is also good to know that this Easter there will be a network of people in different parts of the country, all engaged in the same mission and all bound together in mutual support, through the good offices of the Passion Trust.

Ken, 73
From Brighton

I’m not religious, but when they put Jesus on the Cross, it got through to me. It was very real.