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Free Resources

The place for finding resources for a Passion Play. Including accommodation, centurions – even donkeys…and more. This Resources Room is designed to pool resources and contacts for Passion Plays in the UK. Please contact the Passion Trust if you need help or can offer advice.

FREE office or storage!

We can help you get free office or storage place near you. We will help put you in touch with Centric Community Projects which works with smaller charities and non-profit organisations to help them operate and develop by offering free space for their projects. They are also able to help new businesses created by the disadvantaged, to reduce their overheads and help them to become self sufficient.

Available space can be anything from an office, retail space or industrial property for use as work or storage, retail, service delivery, meeting areas, rehearsal space, art studios, or training! Click here for more information

Free sets

A set, used by previous Mystery Plays and Passion Plays in Gloucester, is available to borrow. Please contact the Passion Trust.

Examples of cross structures

Free steel feet to hold up crosses

Contact Alex at the Passion Trust if you need steel feet to hold up crosses. They were used in the Brighton Passion Play in 2011 and 2012.







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