Passion Plays in the UK were banned from the end of the sixteenth century until their revival in 1951. Now, with Passion Plays undergoing a resurgence in the UK, we actively work against any notion of anti-semitism people might bring to these plays, whether they are acting in them or watching them.

The Passion Trust condemns any form of antisemitism in Passion Plays that take place in the UK and we work with our Jewish friends to seek understanding and reconciliation in all aspects of the rehearsal and production of contemporary Passion Plays.

Read our statement through the link below.

What can we do to make our Jewish friends feel welcome?

The Passion Trust joined a panel to discuss antisemitism and Passion Plays available to watch below:

The resources we have put together here help us to remember to stay close to the Biblical account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is clear in the Gospel accounts that Jesus was himself Jewish, and that his family, friends and supporters were Jewish. Furthermore, the first people to hear his words and teachings were Jewish.

There were many social, political, and religious reasons given for the fact that some Jewish people, as well as some Roman people, wanted Jesus to die.

Passion Plays that are sensitive to these contexts will be aware of the history that dangerously maligns Jewish people and will stay true to Biblical accounts, not historical injustices.