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Working with a community cast in the 2019 Birmingham Passion Plays

Playing Jesus at the 2019 Birmingham Passion Play.

How can we find an actor to play Jesus?

The Passion Trust aims to link you with the experienced people and actor agencies who can help you best when casting Passion Plays. Two websites that are good places to start your search for an actor to play Jesus are Spotlight and The Stage. If you put a call out there, they should then send you a list of potential actors with photos and images.

Read more here How do I find an actor to play Jesus?

You may also want to put an ad in the local paper. This is an excellent way of getting publicity for your play as well and to establish contacts with local newspapers. See the article for an actor to play Jesus in the Edinburgh Passion Play in the Herald Scotland in 2016.

Q&A - Casting for a Passion Play

Below is a selection of clips showing a Q and A session at the Passion Trust Conference 2014 discussing casting for Passion Plays.