Slide Tip 1 Have PASSION…with a PLAN! Clear,

tangible outcomes are important.
Slide Tip 2 Don’t waffle – be clear about what you want

and how much you want. And if you ask for a

big gift, be clear and ambitious.
Slide Tip 3 Fundraising involves everyone.

Let everyone in your charity be involved

in raising funds with what they can.
Slide Tip 4 Keep developing your fundraising plan

by evaluating and monitoring your approach.
Slide Tip 5 Have confidence! Many funders want to

see change and they want to support the

good work other people are doing.
Slide Tip 6 Be passionate. Fundraising is the transfer

of enthusiasm!
Slide Tip 7 Fundraising needs faith. If you are doing

God’s work in God’s way, have big

expectations of resources for what you need.
Slide Tip 8 Writing Applications. Be inside the guidelines

and follow their procedures. Remember to

answer the questions! Use the language the

funder understands as well.
Slide Tip 9 Be creative. Applications for funding must

be anecdotal, powerful and justifiable.

Funders are interested in quality projects

with outcomes!
Slide Tip 10 Invite your donors to help not just to give.

If there is a big need, don’t be afraid to ask

for help. Don’t hid your failures!
A cookery book standing upright, with a pink cupcake and background, entitled Made with Passion!

Contactless Donation Device

The Passion Trust has a contactless donation device which we can lend you if you want to collect donations after your performance. The GBx Core is a custom-built contactless donation device which is effective in both unmanned fundraising environments and manned fundraising drives. For on the go fundraising, you can expect 4 hours battery life. Click here for more information

Passion Trust Conference 2019 - What to Pursue/Avoid and How can we get funding?

Passion Trust Conference 2018 - Finances

Session from Passion Trust Conference 2018 looking at Finance & Fundraising, Administration and Practical Considerations, and a Q&A session at the end.

Passion Trust Conference 2015 - Grants & Funds

Session from Passion Trust Conference 2015 looking at grants and funds to help support your Passion Play.

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Use an event calculator!

eventIMPACTS provides a toolkit of resources to help event organisers improve their evaluation of the impacts associated with staging sporting and cultural events. The events calculator is especially useful!

Should I ticket a Passion Play?