Easter Monologues

A group gather in the dark outside a lit rotunda - for easter monologues.

There are many characters in the Easter story who have unique perspectives on the events they see unfold around them. Passion Plays tell the story of the last week of Jesus’s life, his death and his resurrection. These Easter monologues capture and communicate part of this from the characters’ own perspectives.

The people who lived through these events each had their own story to tell. What was their story? Thanks to the people of Havant Passion Play, we can have a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings. Even as they saw Jesus die and then rise again on the third day. Listen to some of these Easter monologues. They try to capture what the first Easter was like for some of these people.




Two men in black drag Jesus to the cross while a crowd watches. Two other men are on crosses on either side of him during the Stafford Passion Play.

Is your Passion Play Anti-Semitic?

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Jesus in a white robe stands with the whole cast and crew of Brighton Passion Play after the free performance on Good Friday.

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