Directing Passion Plays in Prison

The Easter story has been taken into prisons around the world and Passion Plays have a unique way of capturing the Gospel story for prisoners who get involved. Listen to Suzanne Lofthus talking about directing The Life of Christ in the high-security prison in Louisana – Angola Jail, the largest jail in the US.


“Her son in the marines had disowned her…she thought the next time she saw her son would be in a body bag coming back from Iraq.“

Listen to Suzanne Lofthus talking about the prisoner who played Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the Passion Play in Angola jail. The largest prison in the US.


‘We don’t hide the fact that we’re in a prison…we never forget where we are and who the people are. When Jesus did a miracle, they all stood up and applauded.’

Listen to Suzanne Lofthus talk about direction Passion Plays in Angola Jail, Louisiana, the largest prison in the US:

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