Passion Trust Conference – 2022


The Passion Trust Conference 2022

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Easter 2023. The only time city centres round the UK have the Gospel story performed free of charge. Large community casts and professional artists come together to perform the story at the heart of the Christian faith.

A story worth telling over and over. Hear from the people who have put on the most interesting and inspiring plays in the past, with stories to inspire and equip from speakers, small group leaders and our trustees.

The Passion Trust conference will be held on Zoom again this year.

Please join us for talks and chatrooms for discussions about all things related to Passion Plays.


Key speakers

Keith Morris worked with Saltmine Theatre to bring The Passion to Norwich in 2022 as chair of trustees for Celebrate Norfolk. Inspired by the Birmingham Passion, the streets of Norfolk were the stage for a new Passion with involvement from dozens of Norwich churches. Passion Play script-writer, Emily Feltham, who played Mary Magdalene, said: “Our vision was to tell the story of Jesus in a contemporary way. We tried to imagine that if he was alive in Norwich today what would he be doing, who would he be talking to, what kinds of things would he be saying, who would he be challenging.”

Network Norfolk : Norwich Passion Play (

Libby Egwuba directed performances of The Passion in Gatton Park, Reigate in 2022, working with Gatton Community Theatre. Audiences are invited to join the journey, both physically and emotionally, as they travel together with the cast through Gatton Park as followers of Jesus and involved in the events unfolding before them. “Our interpretation is set in modern times in the hope of engaging with the audience more fully – we want to entertain, surprise and stir emotions and so create a deeper understanding of this amazing story that still lives on after over two thousand years.”

About Us – Gatton Community Theatre (

We will also hear from other trustees and key members of the Passion Trust who you will be familiar with from past conferences. Conferences – The Passion Trust



The conference will be on Monday 18 October starting at 6pm with talks and break-out rooms until 8pm.



This conference is via Zoom. The information for your calendar is below and you will get an email reminder with sign-in details a couple of days before the conference.

Topic: Passion Trust Conference 2022

Time: Monday Oct 17, 2021 6 PM London

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Passion Plays are gearing up all around the UK for Easter 2023. This conference will inspire and equip and have a special focus on moving forward with confidence and creativity.

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to see covered, please send them via return email. We would love to hear from you!

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