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The Birmingham Passion Play 2019 was a huge logistical project but after time we won favour with Birmingham Council. We choose to inform all the businesses, cafes and retail shops that we were going to pass on the processional play route prior to the event. This was extremely beneficial and they waved and cheered us on, up New Street during the performances. Many people from the Businesses around the Cathedral grounds came out and watched the Crucifixion scene.

You can see footage from the play here and here.

We raised £9,083 from 23 different churches. This was was a bit disappointing in the end. However, gifts from 92 individuals amounting to £19,858 was the biggest blessing and surprise. We are extremely grateful for the funding we received from you which went towards the technical bill for sound. Overall this was a big expense. It was well worth all the equipment and staff for everybody to hear the narrative, which was crucial It was especially important because, we learnt during the process, as a result of the unexpected large audience numbers, we needed more staging re sight lines.

In Birmingham, there are unfortunately a lot of homeless people on the streets and we wanted to be a blessing to them as we processed nearby and in the Cathedral grounds. Accordingly, we purchased 120 hot drink vouchers from Greggs and gave them away with a Kitkat. These were gratefully received and resulted in some encouraging conversations in sharing Jesus’s story.

The Community Cast was an incredible blessing with over 90 registering on the first day which ended up with a committed 65 for weekly rehearsals and all three performances. The ages ranged from 14 to 78 years, with ethnicity from White British, Black Caribbean, Black African, Indian and Chinese.

We had an older homeless man who sleeps on St Martins Church floor in the Bull Ring. And we had a disabled lady in a wheelchair, people struggling with mental illness. Also, someone who has recently become a Christian while in prison to name but a few.  We had a Muslim guy who even though is on a different page than our faith has felt included and valued.  We had people from over 21 different churches, people with no faith and people with a Muslim faith. It was such a joy to see them all work together and support and care for each other.

The Birmingham Passion Play was unprecedented in scale and ambition. This was not only in artistic vision but also in demanding the time, energy and commitment of a huge team of professionals and amateurs to bring this vision to life. Ultimately it provided a powerful glimpse of the reality of God on the streets of Birmingham. It also empowered the community to transform their city with immediacy and, hopefully, long lasting impact.

Rehearsing two separate casts with different directors was also interesting in terms of narrative cohesion. As we only had occasional weekends and one evening a week, it was necessary to begin community cast rehearsals two months before the professionals were even fully cast. BPP absolutely depended on the driving framework of the community cast; and it was essential that all members felt valued and invested in. Overall, the BPP was truly by the city, for the city. Not just the city of Birmingham, but also for everyone involved, around (160+) who dedicated their time and talents to the project. From the people in the café lining New Street who came out to watch, to the builders who turned off their machines during the Victoria Square scenes, the project served as a celebration of the power of collaboration.

There was a palpable atmosphere of riotous expectation from the moment crowds began to gather around the buskers. This gained momentum as we processed down New Street. People danced, sang (God on the Street, God on the Street, The Liberator is here, The Liberator is here, Jesus, Jesus) and jumped with real freedom. This contrasted with the relative stillness of the Last Supper. It was followed by the increasingly sinister Gethsemane scene. This provided a natural breathing point before the crowd began to turn at the point of the trial.

Again, the community cast were excellent in altering the collective emotive mood. Using the backdrop of the council house provided an authentic authority to proceedings. The community cast took some encouragement to chant for Jesus’ crucifixion. The effect of the same team of people who had celebrated his appearance following him back down New St calling for his death was harrowing. Seeing this crowd fill the cathedral to witness Jesus’ crucifixion was extremely powerful. We also gathered people who had been passing through the grounds. The logistics of getting the actors on the crosses were quite complicated. The time it took added to the torturous drawn-out nature of Jesus’ death, providing time for reflection.

The cast has to perform the Resurrection scene twice on the Wednesday and Thursday because the cathedral was full to bursting. This was an amazing indication of how the audience had journeyed with us, physically and emotionally. There was an audible gasp as Marcel re-appeared as the resurrected Jesus. Followed by a genuine eruption of joy as we closed the play with “Joyful Joyful”. We cannot imagine having performed the Passion without the resurrection as is traditional. After the initial excitement and subsequent tension, anger and mourning, the elation of the final scene meant the audience left the cathedral carrying a sense of real transformative hope for the city.

We could never have foreseen the way God superseded all our wildest expectations for the Birmingham Passion Play. All of the risks we took paid off. Considering all the things that could have gone wrong, it was a genuine miracle that nothing actually did. It was an absolute privilege to have been part of such an amazing project. One which we believe will continue to inspire change, in the spiritual landscape of Birmingham.

Well done to you all on a thoughtful, provocative and imaginative performance which brought the Easter story to life

I watched some of this play but couldn’t see all of it. I saw the crucifixion and the part in the cathedral, it was really really good. The actresses and actors were good with their lines and the singing and dancing was excellent, the person playing Jesus did a great job, I had tears in my eyes and actually saw several people who were crying as well. The final song in the cathedral was wonderful, it reminded me of sister act, I loved it.

The kids and I were completely blown away by this powerful and immersive experience with @saltminetrust today!! Birmingham Passion Play brought the story of Jesus death and resurrection to life!

Wow ! People of #birmingham & other visitors you’ve done yourselves proud with the numbers that turned out for the @saltminetrust #brumpassionplay2019 ! Outstanding don’t do it justice just what a fabulous time it’s been !

 Performance was amazing. Had tears in my eyes. Special shout out to the drunk guy from Ireland who thought the crucifixion was actually happening and saying this isn’t right lol – like I told you, Jesus done this for us brother. God bless everyone and look forward to seeing the full video.

Thank you for inviting us the community cast to help portray this important story that is so moving and celebrated all over the world. Thank you so much. Sad all the rehearsals and performances have come to an end. Xx

Managed to follow the whole play with 2 children (6 and 10) so powerful and engaging. We were on the second performance at the cathedral – worth the wait as we couldn’t get in as it was full. Children truly enjoyed and message was so clear presented. Great to have the Contemporary touch! We are definitely going again next year!

Blown away. You guys always put on a good show- but this? This was something else. Haven’t stopped taking about it since Tuesday. My children got so much out of it too. Loved that not only did you perform on the streets of the city centre, but that you actually SET it in Birmingham, using local landmarks etc. The use of modern day language brought the Bible to life and special mention to the actors for really capturing and expressing the humanity of the disciples. Thank you.