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Passion Trust on Zoom

The cancellation of all the Passion Plays has been one of the great disappointments of 2020. Guidance from SLUA Event Safety Consultation suggests that open theatres/performances where social distancing can be maintained will be the first to re-open towar...

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Europassion 2020

The Europassion Conference is happening soon! The 36th annual Europassion congress. The congress is taking place in Tirschenreuth, Germany with an inspiring programme from Thursday 16th of April to Sunday 19th of April. There will be conference session...

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Passion Plays 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] See the Passion Plays that are happening around the UK this coming Easter! Plays are being performed in Ballylinan, Bath, Bishop Auckland, Chinnor, Chester, Edinburgh, Guildford, Hamilton, Hornchurch, Horsham, Lew...

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Europassion 2019

The 35th annual Europassion congress will be held in Tullins, France, with a special focus on Passion Plays as well as ecology and the respect of the environment. A programme of tours, entertainment and the congress itself will be held from Thursday 9 May...

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Free Cross and Roman Soldiers for Hire

We have a free cross kindly made available by the people from Reedham Passion Play. The cross was built to hold a large man and to hoist up from the ground very smoothly. It was designed and made...

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Passion Plays In Prisons BBC Interview 2017

Passion Plays in Prison Interview 2017 [audio mp3="http://passiontrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/suzanne-lofthus-interview-jan-26-2017-1-online-audio-converter.com_.mp3"][/audio]...

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Passion Trust Newsletter 2016

Passion Trust Newsletter 2016 A look at some of the Passion Plays from Easter 2016: "Over 20 Passion Plays took place around the UK this year, with at least 5 taking place for the first time. One play took a workshop into schools, another was featured ...

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EuroPassion 2016

Europassion Congress 2016 will take place in Cieszyn, Poland. The Passion Trust invites you to join its group traveling there on 1st April. Visit the Passion Trust website for more information and contact details....

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Beethoven & Brahms Piano Recital Dinner

Beethoven & Brahms Piano Recital Dinner Felipe Brown is an outstanding pianist, excelling in his sensitive and masterful interpretations of Chopin and Liszt. From his home in Chile, he is performing in London at an exclusive concert in an int...

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