Scroll down to bottom for a video discussion of fundraising from the Passion Trust Conference 2012.

Useful Documents:

The Church and Community Fund has put together an annotated list of Fundraisong sources which is available to download and help you locate funding bodies.

The Association of Charitable Foundations has provided Guidelines for applying to a charitable trust or foundation to help you in your application for funds.


Passion Trust Resources:

The Passion Trust has put some information together for requesting funds from  sources such as Rotaries, Donations, Events, Subscriptions, Local Government Grants, National Lottery, Sponsorship, Individuals, Gift Aid, Government Grants and Contracts, Companies who do charity matching.

Please download helpful advice collated from experienced producers:

How to raise money for a Passion Play 2012

How to raise money for a Passion Play 2013

Another idea from the Aberdeen Passion Play:

A cookbook created from recipes supplied by Aberdeen Passion supporters and aims to raise funds to help cover as much of the costs of staging this ambitious production as possible.

How to Fundraise for your Passion Play

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