Passion Play Fundraising Statistics



Grants awarded to Passion Plays


Volunteers and cast members supported

8,500+ (live)

People reached with the Easter story



Grants awarded to Passion Plays


Volunteers and cast members supported

6,645+ (live)

People reached with the Easter story



Grants awarded to Passion Plays


Volunteers and cast members supported

12,846+ (live)

& 118,500+ (live-streamed)

People reached with the Easter story



Grants awarded to Passion Plays


Volunteers and cast members supported

8,000+ (live)

People reached with the Easter story



Grants awarded to Passion Plays


Volunteers and cast members supported


People reached with the Easter story

Success Stories

The Wirral Passion Play was part of a four-day Easter event on the Wirral which made into a radio documentary by Flame Christian Radio with interviews and sounds from the live events. (Grant awarded £5,000). 2018

The Lanarkshire Passion Play was performed by a core cast of 52 drawn from ten local churches. Subway provided bread to feed the five thousand and for the last supper table. Asda provided free hot drinks and secure storage for sound equipment. (Grant awarded £2,600). 2018

The Great Waltham Passion Play was performed in various locations in the village over three nights. The audience included around 20 people who came out of the pub to watch Jesus being led up to the high ridge outside the village to be crucified. The congregation in church on Easter Sunday morning was almost three times the normal Easter congregation. (Grant awarded £2,000). 2017

The Chinnor Passion worked with local schools. St Andrew’s and Mill Lane Primary School choirs joined in the celebrations with their own song written and composed by a 16-year-old from Chinnor. (Grant awarded £2,250). 2017

The Havant Passion Play was performed to a live audience of 1,200 and a self-funded DVD is being produced and will be distributed to local groups free of charge. (Grant awarded £3,250). 2017

The Marlborough Passion Play had a team of 140 local people who produced it, made costumes, set, props, managed press and publicity, raised funds, and manned the street closures. Over 200 local school pupils were involved as well. (Grant awarded £4,000 ). 2017

The Bolton Passion worked with eleven primary schools, through the ‘Create’ Bolton Art competition. The town centre chaplaincy partnered to help display this work around the town in the shops and organize the arts competition. They had some beautiful and thoughtful work that depicted Easter hope. (Grant awarded £2800). 2016

The Duddingston Kirk Passion was performed just after a late downfall of snow in Edinburgh. Despite this, an elderly lady who struggled round the whole route with her walking aid, phoned the minister that evening to declare it was the best Easter she had ever had. (Grant awarded £1,000). 2018

The Hucknall Passion Play raised over £1,000 which was subsequently distributed amongst the churches in the Anglican Team and local charities. (Grant awarded £400). 2018

The Edinburgh Passion Play was overlaid with the Scots accent and was highlighted in both the morning news on Radio Scotland and the main evening Scottish TV news. (Grant awarded £1,200). 2017

The Hamilton Passion Play involved local arts groups. A local children’s theatre company, Gillybeans, brought additional children to be involved while award-winning brass band Coalburn Silverband and musicians from Hamilton Grammar provided musical accompaniment. (Grant awarded £3,000). 2017

The Manchester Passion Play was filmed by the BBC and it was on the Songs of Praise on Easter Sunday with 5 million viewers. It was also featured in all the national papers. (Grant awarded £2000). 2017

The Bedford Passion formed a fruitful relationship with Roman soldiers from the Roman Reenactment groups Legio Secvnda Avgvsta and The Colchester Roman Society. They were introduced to each other by the Passion Trust and the Woman Reenactment groups helped with costumes and building the stage set. (Grant awarded £2800). 2016

The ‘City Passion’ in Chelmsford pioneered a school tour, ‘The Mystery of the empty tomb’, which also raised funds and awareness for ‘City Passion’. Five schools in Chelmsford were visited in Four days. Pupils watching five different performances had a fun and thought provoking day which they will probably remember for a long time! (Grant awarded £2000). 2016

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