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The Chelmsford “City Passion” started after an introductory meeting to passion plays in January 2015.

The cast and crew for this event were great team players. They all supported each other through the process, now carrying on with a regular bible study and fellowship. We had representatives from at least 10 churches across mid Essex, and one with no personal faith.

A crowd of people watch as scene from the Chelmsford City Passion in a marquee in the town centre on a sunny day.The event itself went without a hitch. The weather was beautiful, which bought out more people, and was easier for the cast and crew too. It is estimated there were around 1000 watching. Many of whom had come to see the event itself and some that chanced upon it and stopped.

The crucifixion scene also had many passer-by’s stop and look. This response was exactly what we wanted. Chelmsford City Passion completely fulfilled our aims and objectives to present the events of Holy Week, in a modern, vibrant way. And to use music and visual bright colours to attract the attention of passer-by’s. Also, to challenge the audience to consider what the events may mean to them, utilising the role of a narrator protagonist. Cast and crew were over awed by the day. They really felt that they had been part of something special. They have reported fabulous feedback from friends and family, and there have been reports of new comers attending Easter church services as a result.


“It was sooo good and such an honour to be part of something like this. Truly. Fab feedback from family, friends and strangers.”

“I happened to glance up at a woman’s face looking down very intently as the cross was raised, from the windows above the shop next to Allegro. I saw her hand cover her mouth in horror as she saw Jesus ‘crucified’ – she looked utterly stricken. Very powerful. Did anyone else notice the silence at that point? The children had stopped chatting, the noisy cars/motorbikes, and the people dashing past with heads down who didn’t want their shopping interrupted…. there was silence.”

“It was an excellent performance. The dancers, the music & the story tellers (narrators). The drama when Jesus dying on the cross was followed by Mary mourning the loss of her precious son was sooo moving. Then the celebrating song of joy and thanksgiving when Jesus is alive, thanks be to God! Hallelujah!!”

“Thanks so much to all involved today. What a moving experience! We ended up having a front row view of the crucifixion & my family were really impacted. My son (5yrs) cried & said ‘my heart is broken’ whilst my daughter looked over the soldiers’ shoulders to see exactly how you made it happen. It was such a privilege to be able to tell them that Jesus did that because he loved them. x”