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The Passion Trust’s Annual Conference brings together key people who perform, produce and support passion plays around the country. It is an excellent way to netwA woman with dark hair and a colourful top stands at lectern speaking at a conference whilst moving her hands.ork and connect with others. As well as promoting community between the various productions, the Passion Trust invites to its conferences distinguished speakers including directors, producers, academics, actors, writers, fundraisers and sponsors to inspire and equip passion plays in the UK. The conferences includes advice and tips for reaching a wide audience, successful fundraising and marketing, and effective community involvement.

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The annual Europassion conference brings together people involved in performing and producing passion plays around Europe. They gather to learn from each other and to share stories of hope and faith as various communities rehearsed and performed the plays. The conference is a significant place to meet people who are doing the same plays round the world, to benefit from their experiences and learn from the experts. Some of the passion plays have been performed in the same village for over four hundred years.   


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