Passion Trust Conference 2021

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We are looking forward to the Passion Trust conference held again this year on Zoom!

Please join us for talks and chatrooms for discussions about all things related to Passion Plays, with a special focus on how to move forward creatively after lockdowns and restrictions that put a stop to plays over the last couple of years.


Key speaker:

Rachael Orrell is CEO of Saltmine Theatre Company, a Christian charity and theatre company with a mission for faith-motivated arts. Rachael produced the Birmingham Passion in 2019 and is working towards another Passion Play in Birmingham, as well as a Passion Play in Norwich in 2022. Prior to that, she completed a Masters in Applied Theology and Leadership and was part of the Spring Harvest leadership team for over ten years. Saltmine Trust Faith Motivated Arts

We will also hear from other trustees and key members of the Passion Trust who you will be familiar with from past conferences. Conferences – The Passion Trust



The conference will be on Monday 18 October starting at 6pm with talks and break-out rooms until 8pm.



Zoom is still the place to be! The information for your calendar is below and you will get an email confirmation with sign-in details the week before the conference.

Topic: Passion Trust Conference 2021

Time: Oct 18, 2021 6 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting:



With so many Passion Plays starting up again after two years of lockdown restrictions, we are looking forward to a wonderful Easter in 2022. This conference will inspire and equip and have a special focus on moving forward with confidence and creativity.

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to see covered please send them via return email. We would love to hear from you!


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