Passion Plays and Local Community


Local communities are greatly impacted by the free performances of Passion Plays not only in the actual performance but also in the broader process of rehearsing and producing it. They promote social cohesion and community spirit and exemplify many aspects of what Ann Jellicoe in Community Plays (1987) describes as ‘community drama’:

…opportunity for friendly cooperation over a long period stimulates and helps to unite a community. It will give them something to celebrate together and be proud of. Communities need community events to continually refresh them. Community plays can’t draw everyone in and can’t change everyone, but they are one of the most successful and all-embracing community events. (p.46)

Putting on a Passion Play in your town or city is not as hard as you think. If you have been inspired to have a free performance for your community, visit the Passion Trust site to find out how we can help you produce one or contact us directly.

Support and resources are available free online, and we would be happy to talk to you personally about your ideas for a new passion play. The Passion Trust exists to support you as you produce and perform passion plays in your own towns and cities.


 You can access these resources, free of charge, along with other assistance and help at the Passion Trust website

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