The Passion Trust Conferences provide helpful advice from people who have been putting on Passion Plays for years. And from others who are putting on Passion Plays for the first time. There’s lots to learn from other Passion Plays. Watch excerpts below:

A small group of people sit at tables listening to a talk given at the Passion Trust Conference.

Session 1a: Helen Longley: Tonbridge Passion Play
How to produce a Passion Play from scratch and with little money

Session 1b: Jon Bebb: ‘Soul by the Sea’, Brighton
How to grow an established Passion Play

Session 2: Sharon Muiruri: Poole Passion Play
How to do amazing productions with what little you have


Question & Answers: Various
Watch video excerpts below from the Passion Trust Conference 2014, learn more from other Passion Plays as these questions are discussed.

What size is the cast of a Passion Play?

Does the message change with different contexts?

How do you make aA group of people sit in a white classroom at tables, listening to a talk delivered at the Passion Trust Conference. Passion Play sustainable?

How do you avoid clashes with other Passion Plays?

What have been the best and worst technical productions?

What was it like to do a Passion Play in Cape Town?