How long is a Passion Play?

Passion Plays generally last between one and two hours.

Passion Plays take place every Easter. They tell the Easter story of the last days of Jesus’ life, his death and his resurrection. For many people, Passion Plays are a way to experience the Easter story in a way that makes it come to life and become more meaningful for them.

Isobel watched the Norwich Passion Plays and described the experience as a revelation:

It was a revelation to me.  When I was in the church “Peter” looked at me personally and said “Jesus loves you”… I was stunned. I never had that message delivered to me so strongly. It has remained in my heart and my mind since. I have made it light of my faith in recent years, being more a deist than a Christian, and irritated with all the Christian concepts. I feel like wanting to return to the fold now and I have this picture of Jesus with his arms wide opened.  It is amazing….

Some Passion Plays are also performed as part of a longer play about the whole story of Jesus’s life. The Havant Pasiosn Play will take place in August 2023 and the Chester Mystery Plays include aPassion Play in their perrformance in June and July.  The Wintershall Passion is performed at Easter and also during the summer in their ‘Life of Christ’ play.


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