2023 Passion Plays

Map of the UK with red location markers showing Passion Plays 2023.

Free performances of Passion Plays 2023 will be performed across the UK this coming Easter.

Passion Plays tell the story of Easter in live theatre performed FOR the local community BY the local community. Hundreds of local volunteers work on staging the production. Together with professional actors, artists, and arts professionals, they bring the story to life for all to see.

Join thousands of people for a unique experience of the Easter story. Find a play near you using our interactive map and full list of the plays .

Two men in black drag Jesus to the cross while a crowd watches. Two other men are on crosses on either side of him during the Stafford Passion Play.

Is your Passion Play Anti-Semitic?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You may be aware of the dreadful history of anti-semitism...

Jesus in a white robe stands with the whole cast and crew of Brighton Passion Play after the free performance on Good Friday.

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