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“Four Days. Three Parks. Two Rivers. One Sacrifice.”

Christ’s Passion for Wirral was not just a live, contemporary retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told. It was also a weekend of activity for young and old, Christian and non-Christian across the whole of the Wirral. It was a chance for people across Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond to engage with the real-life events of the first Easter.

The four-day Easter event on the Wirral was made into a radio documentary by Flame Christian Radio. This included interviews and sounds from the live events. The line-up of events on Easter Sunday took place at Birkenhead Park. Staged in front of the Jackson Memorial opposite the grand entrance and past the visitors’ centre.

Schedule for Christ’s Passion for Wirral

Passion for Worship, 2pm: Led by Mark Saunders and made up of musicians from many different churches.

Passion Play, 2.30pm: The final instalment of this amazing story with a wonderful cast of actors bringing it to life.

Voice Choir and Orchestra, 2.45pm. The Voice Youth and Junior Choir and Orchestra performed some of their best songs for the season. Made up of talented young people from across the Wirral and led by Simon Smith, Voice’s musical director.

Warren Furman 3.15pm. The former TV Gladiatortells his story with Matt Bentley of the Fusion project.

Cavell 3.40pm. Manchester born and raised, Christian rapper Cavell has ministered locally, and nationally, in schools, churches, prisons, concerts, and conferences. In March 2017, Cavell released his debut album Body Building, which has touched the hearts of many with songs such as: Break Me Down, Show Me The Way, and BAMN. Cavell has a heart for the Lord, and has found his purpose serving God By All Means Necessary.

Passion Play 4.10pm. The final instalment of this amazing story with a wonderful cast of actors bringing it to life.

Salvation Army Corps, 4.25pm. The Salvation Army Corps performed some of our best loved hymns with all the moving sounds that only a brass band can bring.

The Big Sing, 4.55pm. The Mercy Tree by Krissy Nordhoffwas sung by Calli Hughes and everyone joined in before Bishop Keith Sinclair closed in prayer.

Media and press coverage

Video. http://www.wirralpassionplay.co.uk/about-christs-passion-for-wirral/

Radio Documentary. http://www.buzzsprout.com/12102/701779-chat-room-christ-s-passion-for-wirral-part-1

BBC Radio Merseyside. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0613716(Please click on the link and forward to 2 hours and 8 minutes in to listen to the story behind our Wirral Passion!)



‘There was such a sense of unity between us. I really believe that this is the Lord’s plan’. Cast member

“It was the first time I thought of Jesus as my friend” Audience member

“At Claremount Methodist Wallasey, our usual Messy Church has grown by around 40%. Yippee!” Church member

“An awesome weekend. So much talent. The Easter story so beautifully portrayed and all so moving. Loved ‘The Mercy Tree’ song. Thank you.”