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The Richmond Passion was performed on Richmond’s upper river terraces. It was set beside Richmond Bridge and the War memorial square known as Whittaker Avenue. It used the overlooking balcony of the Old Town Hall and a public archway. A tunnel was for the burial tomb.

Organisers constructed three large stages on the river terraces. These contained scenes for the last supper, Gethsemane and crucifixion, and the entry to Jerusalem. They placed the trial scenes on a 2.5 m high stage in the Whittaker Ave Square. The construction of the stages enabled the whole crowd to see nearly all the action as they moved between upper and lower play sites.

The crowd that gathered to watch the Richmond Passion on a beautiful sunny morning numbered about 2,500. The cast processed through the centre of town in both directions from 11.15am arriving back at the play site at midday. The good weather allowed a substantial number of people to remain and listen to a gospel message and receive the offer of prayer from cast and crew at the River terraces.

There was significant response and a number of onlookers requested prayer and remained to talk.



‘It’s a glorious sunny day and to see the river and the community together is absolutely fantastic’ – Cast member.

‘My favourite part is that he came alive again’ – Child in the audience.

‘By dying and rising again, there’s hope in the story…the word hop is a main word today, that people should come away from this and realise there is hope in the world’ – Audience member.