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An audience of around 1,000 watched the 46 actors perform in the sunshine. The Edinburgh Passion Play was a new version of the Easter story overlaid with the Scots accent. This brought favourable comments from the audience. It also resulted in both the morning news on Radio Scotland and the main evening Scottish TV news highlighting the production.

Various newspapers, national and regional, ran stories on the production before the event. “Heart of the Matter”, a programme broadcast on local radio station Black Diamond conducted a radio interview.

More audience members than usual commented favourably to the Stewards as they left. Some were moved to tears by the scenes. Others claimed it to be the best play yet. One lady who has drifted away from the church promised to go back. (These are a few of the stories we heard about). In addition, a family of Syrian Christians were delighted to discover that we were able to mount such a production out of doors and in the heart of the City.

2017 was the first time for several years that we’ve been in a position to mount a full production. The trustees are so encouraged by the positive response to the Edinburgh Passion Play that we are considering doing another one in 2018.


I brought my daughters aged 5 and 9 to see the Easter play today in Edinburgh. I was concerned they would get distracted as children do but I needn’t have worried . They were both really engaged, they waved palm leaves and enjoyed the bread from the disciples. Every time the scenes moved they wriggled through the crowd to the front to get a clear view. My eldest daughter said being outside made it feel so much more realistic than on a stage. Thank you so much to all involved for making this a memorable Easter for my children.



It was brilliant thank you so much for all your hard work and if only one person came to know The lord Jesus through it the whole of the kingdom will rejoice.


Huge well done to you all – incredible performances. Many people saying it’s the strongest yet, they loved Mary as Narrator, felt it was the strongest set of priests ever, loved the script changes, very moved by the flogging and were very moved by it all. Several stories of people in tears.