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The 2019 Abingdon Passion play was the most professional production yet. We have learned a lot from our previous two productions. The most important thing being the sound quality than an outdoor production needs, especially in a very open area such as the Abbey Grounds. Once again, we had a new script and newly composed music. These two costs came to over £7,000 between them.

This year we went for a very original take on the Passion and Easter story. In modern costume and with a huge screen so that everyone could see well and hear well. We made it very accessible to all ages. A morning of related activities catering mainly to the younger ones preceded it. As a result we think it impacted all those who saw it or were involved in various ways .

We believe that we attracted more than the local Christian communities to the Abingdon Passion Play. The cast performed the play in a public park, in an area which is on the way to the excellent children’s playground. Many families were there. (You will not of course see many of them in the photos. There are safeguarding issues with photographing minors without consent). The performance was of course free.

A local Christian drama group (who supplied some of the main actors) are taking the play on tour and our plans are to continue this three-yearly event in 2022.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in what was a very memorable event. It was very moving. The spectators were totally absorbed, weren’t they? They seemed spellbound and entirely rooted to the spot, even as the temperature dropped!

A tremendous success! Passionate, powerful and professional!

What a wonderful, amazing production. The story was told with passion and for the people. The audience was transfixed and you could have heard a pin drop. We were moved to tears as were many that day. Can’t wait for the next one!

A very moving performance and brilliant effort at sharing the gospel. What a gift you have given the Abingdon community!

Congratulations! Never to be forgotten. The Play grew on me as the hour passed by, with that tragic ending acted so well by Mary, Mother of Jesus, in mortifying grief at the foot of the Cross.