donate-01 £0 – £500
Donations of up to £500 will equip and resource producers, actors and directors through the Passion Trust’s annual conference. Learn more about the Passion Trust conference here.
donate-02 £500 – £1.000
Donations of up to £1,000 will pay the salary of a professional actor and director who will work with volunteer casts drawn from the local community. It will also go towards publicity and marketing for Passion Plays at local and national levels.
donate-03 £1,000 – £10.000
The largest cost for putting on a Passion Play is the technical requirements for large outdoor events. Donations of up to £10,000 will provide sound and technical equipment. It will also cover local council requirements for health and safety.
donate-04 > £10.000
Amounts of more than £10,000 can fully fund a new Passion Play. Please contact the Passion Trust directly to find out how you can start a play in a new town or city in the UK.

Click the link below to be taken to The Passion Trust BT MyDonate giving page.

If you are a UK tax payer then “Gift Aid” it and the charity can then claim an extra 25%. View the Certificate of Certification here.

You can also support the Passion Trust via cheque or online bank transfer:

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