Aiming High?

Large Passion Plays that take place in the centre of your town or city are ambitious projects. They draw large crowds of thousands and have large community casts, support from all local churches, and professional producers, directors, actors and sound technicians.

You can see our Passion Plays Manual for detailed help on every aspect including casting, fundraising, working with volunteers and local churches, sound equipment, rehearsals, directing, marketing and PR. Click on the image below.

What resources do we need? Props/costume, sound system is the most expensive thing you need, PR, film/ photography.

What is the cost? £5,000 – £50,000

What actors do we need? Professional actors who can work with large community cast.

How long does it take to plan and rehearse? 9 months to a year.

How can PT help? We can help with costumes and props. We can provide advice from directors. We have scripts available. We have full manual available on our website.

Who can I talk to about my ideas?

Our trustees, associate members and experts who have been putting on the plays for years can help you. Contact us to find out more.

Where can I get more help and inspiration?

Our conferences, seminars and workshops are excellent places to be inspired and gain new skills. You can keep in touch with future events and see past conferences here.

How can I keep in touch?

If you sign up for our newsletter you can keep up to date with events, funding, new ideas and what’s happening around the UK every Easter.