Where should we start?

Starting a Passion Play with a large community cast can be very daunting. While some people like a big challenge, other people choose to start small. There are plenty of opportunities to dramatise the Easter story for your local community and local churches. You can find some ideas that others have done in the past below.

What does this look like?

  • Good Friday procession through the local community with actor playing Jesus carrying the cross. You can also have people from the crowd taking turns to carry the cross.
  • Processions can be used to pick up people along the way if there is a concert or performance. Perhaps, instead of a cross, you would like to have pall bearers carrying a coffin or a man in handcuffs escorted by uniformed men to catch attention? Perhaps you might like to draw the crowds by thinking of Palm Sunday and the exciting entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, such as Jesus on the bike in this photograph from Birmingham in 2019.
  • Monologues can be included in Good Friday processions if you schedule stops at various points for an actor to give a monologue. See our website for examples of monologues.
  • Monologues can be used as a kind of flash mob in city centres. Place actors in strategic locations in your city centre and use your supporters and musicians to draw a crowd!
  • Other kinds of mobs can erupt in the middle of busy areas to attract attention and draw a crowd before performances of monologues or short scenes.
Actor portraying Jesus in modern dress. He is being escorted by actors dressed as security guards. Jesus is carrying a wooden cross. As part of a Passion Play

What resources do we need? A cross, props/costume, actors, film/ photography

What is the cost? £0 – £500

What actors do we need? 5 actors and lots of people for support and to draw a crowd!

How long does it take to plan and rehearse? 1 – 3 months

How can PT help? On our website we have lots of monologues for inspiration. We can provide wood for a cross. We can provide advice from directors.

A man in a checked shirt is strumming a guitar and stands next to a woman with a green headband who is singing into a microphone.

Watch some monologues from Havant and Edinburgh below

Who can I talk to about my ideas?

Our trustees, associate members and experts who have been putting on the plays for years can help you. Contact us to find out more.

Where can I get more help and inspiration?

Our conferences, seminars and workshops are excellent places to be inspired and gain new skills. You can keep in touch with future events and see past conferences here.

How can I keep in touch?

If you sign up for our newsletter you can keep up to date with events, funding, new ideas and what’s happening around the UK every Easter.