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Guide to Getting Started

Putting on a Passion Play in your local community is not as difficult as you might think! Download the ‘Guide to Getting Started’ below. It is easy to share your ideas with like-minded people and is a prompt to get you started.

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A more detailed guide to putting on the plays is available in the PASSION PLAYS MANUAL (46 pages). This covers all aspects of production and rehearsal and is a great next step.

Or you might like to download the pages from the Getting Started guide that interest you the most below.

WHY DO A PASSION PLAY This is a good document to give someone a quick idea about the benefits of putting on a Passion Play for Community, Unity and Education. Share it with a friend today!

KEY QUESTIONS and GETTING STARTED There are more ideas available from people who have been putting on Passion Plays for years. Watch videos from some of the Passion Trust conferences here.

PROMOTING YOUR PLAY PR and Marketing is all about creativity – the process of developing a communications strategy may always be the same (in terms of situation analysis, overall goals, setting objectives per audience, activities, messages and timescales, etc.) but the ideas generated are what will set you apart and get you coverage. They will be determined by all sorts of factors which will be different for every production.The Passion Trust has more detailed advice and resources here.

VOLUNTEERS The Passion Trust has more detailed advice and resources here.

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