About the Passion Trust

The Passion Trust is a registered charity that supports performances of Passion Plays and biblical drama in the United Kingdom. Passion Plays, often free performances in city centres, are an important part of Easter celebrations for many communities. Together these performances attract crowds of people in the thousands and they are regularly featured in national and regional newspapers.

The Trust’s aims are:

The Passion Trust aims to support free performances of the Easter story in local communities and public spaces around the UK:

  • Promote performances of Passion Plays
  • Resource and support Passion Play communities
  • Education and exploration of the Christian faith in public spaces

Passion Plays give people who don’t know the story of Easter the chance to find out who Jesus was and what he did. The Gospel account is brought to life on the streets for all to see. They are fitting performances during Easter to focus attention on the real reason behind the eggs and chocolate: Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, which is the centre of the Christian faith and hope.

Passion Plays help address the lack of biblical literacy in the UK. According to a study undertaken by YouGov on behalf of the Bible Society in 2014, 43% of children who took part indicated that they have never seen, read or heard the story of the Crucifixion. Over 60% of children indicated they had not read, seen or heard the Feeding of the 5,000 (61%) or the Good Samaritan (61%).

The Passion Trust agrees with the conclusion of this report:

While millions of people in Britain and around the world believe in the value Bible stories bring to society, little is being done in our homes or schools to keep them alive for future generations. There can be but a handful of people in Britain, if any, that have not ‘heard’ of the Bible. This in many ways exacerbates the problem. We rely on the fact that it will always be there. But, the truth is, like any literature, its value lies in its use. It is time we were all reminded that, to keep this classic book alive for future generations, there is only one solution. We must use it or lose it.


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan
From Brighton

Attracting an audience of thousands, of all faiths and no organised faith, the Passion of Jesus provides a unique insight into Holy Week and demonstrates that London is open to people of all religions and backgrounds.


The Conference was a huge support to me personally. Just to know that there were others in the same boat and often also looking for a paddle…Since the conference it has all turned around. We have support coming in and people are coming forward and getting involved.

Great Waltham

Please convey our thanks to the Trustees for their support…It is also good to know that this Easter there will be a network of people in different parts of the country, all engaged in the same mission and all bound together in mutual support, through the good offices of the

Ken, 73
From Brighton

I’m not religious, but when they put Jesus on the Cross, it got through to me. It was very real.