The Passion Trust

About The Charity

The Passion Trust is a registered charity that exists to support and promote performances of passion plays and biblical drama around the United Kingdom. These plays are new and exciting aspects of Easter celebrations and a growing number of Passion Plays are being performed across the United Kingdom, including Trafalgar Square, Glasgow, Dundee, Guildford, Northampton, Bolton, Leominster and Brighton.

Together these performances attract crowds of people in the thousands and they are regularly featured in national and regional newspapers. They are fitting performances during Easter to focus attention on the real reason behind the eggs and chocolate: Jesus’ death and resurrection, which is the centre of the Christian faith and hope.

Download the Passion Trust Brochure

The Passion Trust supports local, community productions of Passion Plays and its aims are:

  • To resource people who are staging passion events in their city in order to bring their vision to fruition.
  • To facilitate the pooling of resources and exchange ideas among producing teams.
  • To market the events through search engines, on the net and via our website.
  • To publicise performances via PR contacts and the media.
  • To promote ongoing research and education among the community of people directing, producing and acting in Passion plays
  • To work with schools and Universities RE and drama departments: find projects that suit their curriculum.
  • To provide workshops for educational groups.
  • To provide pro bono consultation for these events when needed.



The Conference was a huge support to me personally. Just to know that there were others in the same boat and often also looking for a paddle…Since the conference it has all turned around. We have support coming in and people are coming forward and getting involved.

Great Waltham

Please convey our thanks to the Trustees for their support…It is also good to know that this Easter there will be a network of people in different parts of the country, all engaged in the same mission and all bound together in mutual support, through the good offices of the

from Poole

Best sort of community theatre with some fine performances.